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Scan Your Yahoo Mail Account To Fix Common Problems

Like every other email services, Yahoo Mail is also vulnerable to some common problems such as sign-in error, problem sending and receiving emails, temporary access error code, missing emails, POP or IMAP access errors etc. Sometimes it becomes quite frustrating when the issue persists for long and you are unable to fix it yourself. Though there are multiple ways to get rid of such common errors in Yahoo Mail account, one of the best and reliable ways to fix these common problems is to scan your Yahoo Mail account using the Quick Fix tool.
Yahoo is known for offering a Quick Fix tool which scans your email account for different common problems and tries to fix them automatically. Generally, the scanning process takes a couple of hours to scan and rectify the problem. Once the process gets completed, an email with the result is sent to the alternate email address provided by you. Let’s us know how this process works.
Steps to Scan Yahoo Mail Account to Fix Common Problems

1.) To begin with, go to the Yahoo Mail Quick Fix tool page by visiting follow this link
2.) As you click on the link, a new page will open in the browser. Here, you will be asked to select the problem you are facing. For that, simply locate the option what are you having a problem with? Select the issue from the drop down list.
3.) After that, enter an alternate email address in the field below Alternate Email option. This is important as Yahoo will send the result of the scanning process to this alternate email address.
4.) Then, verify your email address under option Email address that you have access to and enter the code shown on the page in the provided field.
5.) Finally, click on Create Request button and wait until the Yahoo Quick Fix tool scans and fixed the problem automatically.
Once the scanning process gets completed, you will receive an email on the alternate email address provided by you which will show you the detailed result of the scanning and suggest you certain steps to take in order to resolve the issues. 
If needed Yahoo customer technical help contact number then you can also try it.
However, in case the issue doesn't get resolved by performing the Quick Fix tool scanning,then you should connect with yahoo customer support team or live chat.


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