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How to search Yahoo mail by date range?

Lots of people use Yahoo email account for business purpose and to fulfill personal emailing needs. Sometimes users find hard in managing their emails in an efficient way. Emails in Yahoo account become cluttered after some period of time. It becomes cumbersome task at the time of finding an important email in your inbox. At this point of time, it is better to find out the right method for searching an important mail of yours as soon as possible.

Searching for your earliest mail could be a quite time-consuming process. You can reduce the time via using the "Sort By Date" feature. The feature will help you in showing all your email messages as per the date given by you. 

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The solution for sorting Yahoo mail by date range is:
·       In the beginning, you need to click "Sort By Date" which is at the top of the message list in Yahoo Mail account.
·       After that, you need to click "Date" for displaying your messages from oldest to the newest.
·       Last but not the least, you have to click "Date" again for returning your messages back to the default setting.

Note: Yahoo users can also sort via sender, alphabetically, subject, and by unread messages too.
 You can type simple search terms in the search bar for finding items via Advanced Search.

Steps for advanced searching:
·       To start with, in the search bar you need to click the Search Options icon.
·       Then after you have to click Advanced Search which is at the bottom of the list.
·       Next, you need to enter your search criteria.
·       Finally, click Search Mail.

Here are some of the tips for searching
You can make the searching process simpler with a specific subject line that too by placing “Subject:” or “From:” before the searching terms.
 For instance:
·       From: HR
·       Subject: Interview

On the other hand, in case you don’t know the name of the sender and the subject you can use a minus sign. Just keep this in mind to put the minus sign before the search terms.

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For instance:
Discount -from: discount
Holiday package-subject: Holiday package

Conclusion: Finding emails is not a major task as you have got various tricks for the same in above-stated points. You can ask for Yahoo expert help anytime in case you get stuck somewhere. 


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